Monday, 29 November 2010

More Madison love, shiny boots and a new cd

I had a good day today. Slept in, read, drank coffee, went for a run. Then I went to Trader Joe's and stopped by the cd shop on the way. I purchased the newest cd by the Weepies. After going to their concert last month, I figured I should support them with the cd purchase and listening. Plus we have a cute cd shop. I would like that shop to stay there. Therefore, I should go there and purchase a cd once in a while. The people working there are always nice, friendly and helpful. I got my cd in just a few minutes. I was so excited about the experience, that he asked if I wanted him to open the cd. I said yes, just cause someone was offering assistance and that is a nice thing to do. Really though, if I had been thinking, I can open my own cd and it is kind of like opening a package, peeling back the wrapping. But oh well, he had a fancy cutter that sliced the plastic and it was kind of neat.

Then I went to a listening station to hear a cd. The station is a cd player (an old big black one) with headphones attached and a lot of cds leaning on each other on the top. (perhaps they are sorted by genre or name or something, surely they are) So you get the cd out of its case and put it in the cd player...... Last time I used a cd player, other than the one in my car, probably years. I had to stare at it for a minute to find the right buttons. (never found volume, not sure it existed) The open and close button was temperamental. Pushing the button took a couple tries to open it. And then when I tried to push the button again to close it, it was over zealous and would close and open again. It was great, a nice challenge and a nostalgia for cd players, especially finicky ones. Or maybe that was just my luck they they were finicky for me. I was bad at cds, always scratching them. Digitizing music was good for me, keeps it safe. And then I have to laugh at myself too, because cds are still a normal thing and here I am like they are a old nostalgic used to be item. Odd.

I like that I could walk to the cd shop, then Trader Joe's, run into people that I know there, have a wander, then stop by a pharmacy on the way home. A nice little walk as it drizzled this evening. And good time, relaxing and taking the day at a slow pace. (my roommate thought I got lost somewhere) Taking time is so important. Life is busy and fast enough most of the time. So taking slow times, enjoying little things is really good.

I also sowed buttons back on my coat, cleaned our kitchen light, and put mink oil on my boots. They look good!

This evening was life group. I really like getting to be a part of people's lives and having them in mine. Catching up on life, talking about the sermon at church, really nice.

Madison is a good spot! (remind me of that once there is tons of snow or it gets really cold) It was a good day.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

There are always lots of things to be thankful for. This year, I am thankful for family, friends, living in Madison, having a good job, loving where my apartment is, church, vacations, good coffee, good food, running routes and bike paths, and all of the little things that go unnoticed but are important, like having the resources for the things that I have, being able to pay bills, having good health (after having systemic poison ivy, I am always thankful to not be itchy), and sunshine, beauty, freedom. There is a lot.

With all of these good things, I don't understand when people have poor attitudes or whine about everything. Of course there are times when life is hard, of course there are things that you have to do that you don't want to. I am not saying that we should go around with fake smiles or anything like that. But being grateful and not getting caught up in the little things. Seeing life for the blessing that it is, instead of finding the things that are going wrong. Seeking joy, not bitterness and complaining. Why not see the good side of how things are? Or if there is something that you have to do that you don't want to, why not go through it with the best attitude you can? Dragging your feet and finding fault does not help and certainly doesn't make it better for you or anyone around you.

I got to go to North Carolina last weekend (that's where the photos are from, neat stairs in a coffee shop, and a window display for coffee cozies). When I was in the airport in Madison, I talked to my sister on the phone, and we learned how different our traveling is. She prints boarding passes, confirmations, directions, and other information, and keeps it in a folder. I appreciate that organization and beforehand planning. But that is not me. I check in online the night before, but don't print anything usually. (sometimes the boarding pass) And I figure that I will sort the rest when I get there anyway. I do some research online before I go, and may make a note of something, perhaps. I made the comment during our conversation, that I travel even less prepared than I used to, because I have my iPhone and can look up stuff when I get there.

One time, I was flying from London to Detroit. I got to the airport and put my credit card in the self check-in machine. It didn't work, wouldn't find me. So I got some help from the lady working. She asked me for my confirmation number..... "I don't know", fight number..... "don't know"..... um.... "I am going to Detroit, does that help?"

Oh man! The lady was really nice about it though. I was laughing at myself, who travels without that information? She said I was a traveler of the future, where we are so used to not needing it. After that, I would take basic flight info with me while traveling. (now in an electronic form, but look at me being prepared!)