Monday, 21 October 2013

Southern Hospitality (in the form of BBQ)

This week we went to a BBQ restaurant (Randy's Bar B Que) that was north of Charlotte. I felt out of place as a Northern city girl amongst lots of southern accents (I like the accent.) and sweet tea. (there is way less accent and way more transplant people nearer to Charlotte, it is interesting.) The people were really nice. We walked in, were greeted and told to sit wherever we wanted. The waitress was friendly, attentive and quick as she helped people get their food. The food came out so quickly that it startled me. (pork, red vinegar based coleslaw, and hush puppies) There were three sauces to choose from, a tomatoey one called Lexington served warm, a vinegar based one, and a thicker sweet and smokey sauce. Yum!

The food was great and we were stuffed. Then a man walked by as he was delivering fried pork rinds (something I am okay with having never tried). He stopped by our table to say thanks for coming and he appreciated that we were there. It was sweet. We told him that we enjoyed the food and had heard about the place, so we thought we'd check it out. When he found out that it was our first time there, he decided that we needed to be given banana pudding. Oh man, as if we weren't stuffed enough but it was delicious. The waitress came by a little later and saw that we had the pudding. She smiled, laughed and asked if he had given it to us, as apparently, he likes to do that. It was a good time.