Wednesday, 6 February 2008

snow day

Today was the day of snow for sure. It was snowing when I went to bed last night and continued to snow for the entire day, not a nice huge flake postcard type of snow. It snowed the kind of snow that made the roads impassible and Madison had a snow day. One of my housemates didn't have to go to classes today. I went to my internship this morning but when I got home I got an email that everyone that was there left at one to try to get home in a more safe manner and the classes that were to be held tonight were canceled. So me and my housemates had a day of hanging out, first being big dorks and all sitting on our computers in the dining room. (all apples of course, plus we were excited that we are getting an internet signal once again, hooray!) Then we watched a movie but I left partway through and took a nap, nothing better than that. Then I baked some pumpkin spice bread, which turned out quite well. We don't have mixing bowls yet though, so I mixed it in the largest pot that we have. It works.

This evening I shoveled our stairs and front walkway. And impressively threw a few snow balls at our windows. It was a hard task to throw the snow cause it is not packing snow so I had to find the parts that were already in chunks, then get close enough to the house without sinking in the that was on the side of the road. Fun stuff. And I am loving my boots and have gotten more use out of them this month then the past four years. They're those great warm ones with the laces up the front, on sale at Gander Mountain years ago.

While I was shoveling, a guy started shoveling the neighbors sidewalk. It was a little funny though cause he hadn't come out of that house. Turns out that he was on his way to a friend's house but thought that there would be a lot of people stuck in the snow so he brought his shovel along. Okay.... And he was friend's with the neighbors so decided to shovel their sidewalk on his way too. Bonus, he helped me shovel out my car. It had been on the side of the road all day so had feet of snow beside it because of the plows and at least 8 inches on top that had fallen during the day. So as we're shoveling, we're chatting and it comes up that I have been involved with prayer stuff. "Is that the purpose of your life?" Deep question shovel guy.

The purpose of my life...... interesting question isn't it? And does anyone know or is it something that can change by season, like the purpose of my life is to love Jesus but then the particulars change. I said that the prayer was definitely a part of it and then talked about wanting to love people well. Then I don't even know what I said, stuff about prayer and then being willing to be the answer to that prayer I think. I talked for a while and then asked if that made any sense or answered the questioned and he said it did. It is strange and yet kind of neat to have to put your life purpose into words.

Then I met a woman who lives across the street who made me really excited once again to be living here. She was telling me about the neighbors and how they are great and nice and into being green and peace. And how in the summer lots of people meet up in one of the backyards and catch up. (and watch the neighbors pet chickens) It was amazing and exciting to stand with this lady as she told me names and little bits of information about a lot of the people who live nearby. Excellent! What a great place to move to! Plus an added bonus that the neighbors are excited that this house is being lived in too.