Saturday, 28 November 2009

Calling Customer Service

I do not enjoy calling customer service. I find it annoying and time consuming. Not to mention, most places are only open on the weekdays when it using my cell phone minutes, and I don't have any to spare, especially for something so ridiculous. AH.

I have a cable to play my iphone in the car, and it broke. I had one before, and it broke too. Being the wise person that I am, I bought a new one of the same thing. Duh. So I called Belkin today to see what is possible, waiting on hold for 20 minutes to find out I had gotten myself to a tech support person, who told me to call customer service. Um, I thought I did. And he would not transfer me to the right spot. 20 minutes wasted. Then I called the number back. And turns out they are not there on the weekend and told me to go to the website. On the website, you have to make up a user account if you want to email anyone. But you can request a product replacement, but have to pay for shipping the product there. Then wait for UPS ground to get a new one to you. Option 2 is paying more for the replacement, and speedy shipping, then sending the broken one back after that. These are not really great options. It is making me thing that I should just buy a new one of a different brand and be done with it that much quicker. And I would tell Belkin that, if ever I could get through to someone. Yuck. Also, it may take 20 days for it to ship. Makes me think how attached I am to listening to ipod music in the car. I have cds or radio and could do that. I am ridiculous too and spoiled by the ipod. Maybe it would be a good experiment to have a silent car for a month.

On a different note, the Blockbuster is closing, not that I went there often (maybe a few times a year, which could explain why they are not sticking around) but they seem like a business that should be around.

I ran 10k the other day. And it was fun to do it. I would like to be more in shape and more disciplined about running. And I would like to try more, and train properly and be a bit more serious about it. I haven't been before because I get distracted easily. So wish me luck now, and setting aside time, and hoping that the winter allows me to still run outside. Running is so good, so good. I also learned that it is a bad idea to drink pop the day before a big run. I don't drink pop that often but somehow decided that it would be a good idea the day before.