Thursday, 26 March 2015

Making a Dress

I started making a dress. I bought the pattern months ago. I bought the material for a different project years ago (that I did not do) and my poor sewing machine had been in it's box since moving to North Carolina.

When I took the screws out of the arms that attach it to the cabinet, my mind told me "these are important! Put them somewhere safe." And I did put them somewhere safe because two years in, they are still in their hiding spot. I was able to call a sewing machine shop and order replacements.

I took some time off of work to jump start the project. It struck me that I have never followed a pattern without my grandma telling me what the next step is. I am pretty sure that she did the tricky stuff herself. Growing up, we would have sewing days with Grammy. A pattern was chosen and the project began. I loved those days. I am thankful for a grandma who is passionate about sewing. One of her life missions was to make sure we knew how to sew. She was appalled that we did not have to take sewing in school. But what do we need sewing in school for if we have her?

One Christmas, she bought all four of us girls sewing machines. Later on, she gave us another sewing machine, a Singer 401, her favorite. Then a cabinet to put it in. She did not like the first cabinet that I had, so I was given a replacement one with more drawers.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I started this dress project. Grammy is much too far away at this point. My mom has been very helpful. I emailed her the zipper directions that made no sense. Yesterday, I ran up to the fabric store for a quick question because I was stuck. It turns out I just did not extend the seam all the way. Yay! I was on my way!

It is nerve wracking! I am practicing sewing and learning on my own. I supposed I am being an adult in my sewing now, trying to do it on my own. Oh man! Today, I sewed two pocket pieces to the wrong side of the fabric, which then meant that when I sewed the sides of the dress together, it was the wrong side too. And my first zipper attempt was a bust. Thanks to youtube for a quick tutorial, and a handy tiny seam ripper, I was on my way moving forward again.

I think ahead to my next project which will be smoother I hope. I also look forward to wearing this dress! It is going to be worth the effort. I am glad I am learning how to do this more. I was super proud of myself when I oiled the sewing machine. That seems like a responsible thing to do.  I did it!

There will have to be a trip to Michigan after this dress is done to show my mom and Grammy my handiwork!