Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Different Skills

I was on LinkedIn the other day and had to laugh. I looked through the skills listed on other people's profiles and they were drastically different than mine. It made me laugh and acknowledge (celebrate) people are all unique and have different skills and passions to offer. Some people have lots of schools that they have attended, books or papers written, letters after their name, many jobs in their jobs experience, and skills listen that sound very serious (coding, excel, saving babies from burning buildings). At first, it made me feel shallow or in experienced seeing my skills in comparison. Then I paused... smiled.. and thought that my skills do a great job of representing me and my passions. The skills that I listed are mostly about people, helping people to success, training, challenging, encouraging and growing them.  It is also neat to see how I have grown in those skills in the last five years.

So if you need computer coding, excel spreadsheet creation or a 1000 page paper on something serious, do not come to me. I am thankful for people who are good at that stuff. I called my 401k company yesterday and the guy was really helpful in explaining differences in funds, in Roth vs. not, and in how to navigate the site. He was incredibly savvy without making me feel dumb. It was excellent.

If you want to know how to grow or be trained, if you want a coffee chat, a dinner party, or some encouragement or creative thinking, then I am the gal.

It is good that we can all be so different.