Tuesday, 20 July 2010

If only

This week an opportunity came up to go to Spain. If only I knew spanish. They were looking for spanish speaking people. I have been wanting to learn spanish for quite some time now but have yet to actually do it. If only I had....

This got me wondering how many things are a someday kind of thing. What I mean by that are those things that we want to do or learn, places to go, people to meet, books to read, hobbies to start, crafts to complete. I have certain crafts now that I have a timeline on. If they are not done by Christmas, I am throwing away the supplies for them. As simple as that. Get it done or move on. De-clutter and stay simple.

What I am pondering now is what things are okay being a someday thing, and what things should have more of a goal and practicality to them. There are so many things that it would be neat to do and not everything can be done, especially at the same time. So really, it is about remembering what is important, using some discipline to get things going, and follow through to get it done.

Let's talk about the spanish example for a minute. I have been wanting to learn for some time now. I took some courses in college. And downloaded the coffee break spanish podcast a few years ago. I only listened to a percentage of them. I thought about looking for a class around, but didn't follow through on that and don't know that I would have the time. So yep, it's one of those someday things, that may have to work it's way to a now sort of thing...... someday. Hopefully that someday is soon.