Thursday, 9 September 2010

Living Far Away

A little bit ago, I got to go to Michigan and see my family. It is so nice to be with family, to spend a few days laughing, relaxing, eating, playing cards, whatever. It is always sad to leave too and gets me to thinking..... why do we all live so far away? In some ways, the ability to live in different places is a great blessing, we get different opportunities, get to experience new things, and have different places to visit. On the other hand, it makes me envious of the people who have family just a few hours or miles away. It takes me 8 hours to drive to see my mom, my sister and dad are plane rides away. This is sad. And yet, we are in our respective locations for good reason. Also, because we don't know the length of time that any of us will be in said location, it does not give much bartering power to convince others to move. (plus I lose out strength of argument by living in Wisconsin with the frigid winters.)

So it is what it is. I love my family dearly and cherish the time that we do get to have together. And the phone calls during the rest of the time.