Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Wait

There are times in life when there is nothing that you can do but wait, like in the instance of applying for a job. The application is turned in, and the wait has begun. I feel good about it though, I feel like I gave a good effort. So we shall see.

Now is another raining slushy day to relax, to paint my nails, have lunch with a friend, and go to church. I took a walk in the slush today and am convinced that I will always be a person who is perpetually the little kid that really just wants to jump in the puddles with valiant splashing. My boots are waterproof, so though I did not fully engage in splashing, I did walk through all of the biggest puddles.

An interesting quote that I found today says, "Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself." I think there could be truth in that, as if you love and accept yourself and see the image of God within you, you are more apt to be loving and accepting of others. Thoughts?

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Productivity in the Rain

Today is a rainy, feels like Spring kind of a day. I set off to a coffee shop, armed with my computer, this morning with goals of productivity. Instead of starting on my projects right away, I read the paper. (the parts talking about the happenings in government in Wisconsin now. Also, I learned that Borders is closing a third of their stores) Then I ordered some new boots, talked to my sister, searched for flights to Albuquerque to see her, perused Facebook, emailed people, looked at different eyeglasses online, (maybe I'd like some brown, responsible looking ones) and looked over the new 24-7 Prayer American website. Whoa distraction!

Then I got to work, serenaded by Pandora radio of course. My Joe Purdy station and Mumford and Sons station too.

And things went well. I am having another chance in life to apply for a traveling job, to take a risk in trying to get something that I want. The job would be great and difficult too. As always, risks and applying for things and putting yourself out there, are good opportunities for growth. There is potential to shine brightly and be noticed and there is potential for it not to work out. What a thrill.

A few years ago, I would have have said things in this way. The rejection that could be associated with the possibility of not getting it would have crippled my efforts in application. God is good in teaching me about risk and joy and how this can be a thrill. Plus in putting yourself out, you get to see others opinions and be encouraged or challenged by that. Neat.