Monday, 10 March 2008


I'm sitting in a coffee house, seriously procrastinating doing my laundry. Really does not sound like a fun thing to do right now. Hmmmm. But the clothes are in the car ready to go. I got everything that I could find that was dirty. Since laundry is done at the laundry mat now, it usually means waiting til I am almost out of socks, then packing up everything I can think of that could perhaps be dirty and throwing them in the wonderfully huge machine. (not the whites of course) Still seems like such a pain. The part that I dislike the most is the waiting part. I brought my book, but still. Not something that I am looking forward to, but the end result and the squeaky clean clothes will be nice.

I had a surreal experience today. Went for a run and stopped when I got by the lake. Then I was standing in the sunshine (extra bright when reflected off of the snow covering the frozen lake) and it was so warm. I ended up sitting on this stone wall for a little bit enjoying the warmth of the sun and thinking how strange it was to be surrounded by snow and yet be just sitting in the warmth of the glorious sunshine. Spring is on it's way! (perhaps after several more snow storms but we're still hopeful)

I am really enjoying just sitting here at this coffee shop though. My computer, some coffee and a pumpkin scone, a comfy chair in front of a fire, who would want to do laundry?

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

losing stuff

So I just lost my phone and was looking all over for it. I couldn't find it so I figured that I had forgotten it at home. Then it started to ring, which made the searching for it even more frantic. Quick! Find the phone as it is teasing me with the ringing. So I searched my purse and my bag and my coat pockets and my purse and my bag and my coat pockets and the missed call signal sounds and I search my bag and dump everything out and do the same drill with the purse and pull my mittens out of my coat pocket but still no phone. But at last I had success! The phone was in my pocket the whole time. Why did I put it there?

The call was a lady from church. I went to a new church last weekend and decided that I want to be a greeter there, great fun. She was returning my call from yesterday. Then she asked how long I had been going to that church, um one week, is that a problem? Now I just have to wait on the other lady to call me back and I can stand and say hello to everyone who walks into the very large building on a Sunday morning. Why does having a name tag suddenly give you more permission to be friendly? And why do so many people come and shake your hand if you stand with a name tag and say hello? We should do an experiment and get name tags and greet people in some random location. Like welcome to the coffee shop or glad you decided to walk down this street. What would people do?

it's been a while

So things that have changed lately, hmmm. Not the snow, it's still here, although spring is coming, you can feel the excitement in the air. Yesterday I had myself convinced that it was warm outside, so I went out there with shoes that were not appropriate for the snow that I had to stand in to get the fresh powder off of my car. Then as I was driving down the street I noticed that my car seemed to be the only one with snow on top of it. How is that possible?

Yesterday I bought some frames so that my pictures will be hung properly now, yeah! There were three pictures that I needed frames for and I managed to get ones that are perfect. Exciting! And they were on sale, bonus! Now it is just a matter of figuring out where to hang them in the house.

I really wonder what spring will be like here, I think that it will be great. People will go outside again, bbqs will happen, and an amazing farmer's market downtown that I have heard about so many times that I have lost track.

Life is coming together. I have moved into my house, moved up a floor, got a job which I love, have an internship too and am taking a class there, am getting used to Madison and learning my way around more, meeting new people and getting to know them, finding cool coffee shops and restaurants. Pieces are coming together. It is hard though to not know how everything fits together and what the future will look like. Silly to worry about cause it is a matter of wait and see. And if I actually could know the future, would I want to?

Also what makes a place feel like home or not? What are the ingredients needed? Add a house, some stuff and time? Pictures on the wall I'm sure will be helpful so now I have to get around to that. Perhaps later today. I ran away to a coffee shop this morning to be productive and to get away from the noise of the construction in our house which includes really loud music. So here's to productivity....