Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The little things going not quite right

It has been quite some time since I have written cause I sprained my thumb, which makes typing difficult, awkward, and painful. So here is an entry on a rainy day.

There have been a lot of little dumb things in life that keep not going my way, so much so that my mom says that there is a cloud over my head. Yuck. Like there was a rock flung at my rear view mirror that chipped it. (I am guessing that it was a snow plow or car at night.) Then I had it fixed cause my car had to get the back bumper fixed cause two different people had hit me, one that didn't stop. And then last weekend I was driving to Kansas City and noticed that that mirror that they fixed now shakes when you go over 60 miles per hour, not really the time that you want a useless mirror. A strange thing to realize what is happening too. Suddenly you notice the cars behind you being fuzzy and jumping all over the place. Interesting. And then my health insurance is a confusing mess too. There are no doctors in Madison that I can go to. I hear there are some in Milwaukee though, only a hour or so away. Who wants to drive that far at the point that you need a doctor? All of the phone numbers are wrong, the people who answer haven't heard of the doctor you're looking for, or they don't take the insurance, or they give you a different phone number for the certain doctor you are trying to find and it turns out that they aren't taking new patients. Doesn't really help when I have a very sore hand and no one to look at it. But then there was a clinic who saved the day. They do take the insurance but I haven't seen the paperwork yet.

So I am hopeful that things will work out well soon. There are many things that are good too. I had a great weekend last weekend in Kansas City and a camp in Kansas. Nice and relaxing with lots of space to journal and sit in the sun and pray and talk to people. Was great.