Tuesday, 10 June 2008

summer is coming

Perhaps summer is here. The weather is nice and more people are outside.

We are going to be having 24-3. (praying 24 hours for three days) next week, then again in the middle of July and August. I'm excited about this because it is so great for people to get together and pray. Also having the space and the time set aside for it is profound. How wonderful to be able to come into the room and join in with your hour of prayer, then pass it off to the next person for their time. I get worried that people won't come or that they will sign up and not show up, but I guess that all of that is up to God and will get sorted. Also prayer is so fundamental to building any sort of community, so should be put into place at the beginning.

Today I am going to have lunch with a girl that I went to Calvin with. I search the alumni site a week ago for people in Madison and found people that I knew. Great.