Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Oh Life

Is there anyone in the world now who has some plan of their life and it actually happens? Or are most people like me. You have some ideas of what you are doing at the moment and some glimpses of where you are going. Maybe. I loved what my Dad said a few years ago.... I was debating and thinking and basically trying to figure out my life and he told me not to worry. "To figure out what you want to do right now." Not thinking so far in the future.

It makes a lot of sense. I have no control over what is out there years down the line, like my life could somehow be mapped out. There are always things that change, opportunities that arise, or interests that don't seem as interesting.

And letting go of the idea of needing one congruent line of life, means you are free to make a much richer life, not bound to the line that you thought your life would be made up of. Instead you get to dance around a bit more. It is the understanding too that God's will is not one line that you have to try to stay on like a tightrope, but more of a field in which you can go where you go. I think too, as we chose different things and options, new doors open. Or things that we never thought possible suddenly are, or something that you never thought you wanted or didn't think was you, suddenly is.

There are people who do have very specific career goals, and places that they want to live. I envy them sometimes. Choice can be overwhelming. It can be so sweet though too.

So here's to life and whatever the season brings....

Monday, 4 January 2010

My Knight in Florescent Yellow

There is a crossing guard that stands on the corner of Monroe Street and Edgewood. He is great and very handy to have around. As I run towards him, "going straight over?" Me, "Yep." And so he steps in to the road, raising he sword (or stop sign in this case) and the cars obey and stop and I safely cross the street. Thank you very much crossing guy. He always seems happy too. Really neat. My knight for sure.

What is a life of prayer? What is praying constantly, like Paul talks about in the Bible? Perhaps it is living life with an awareness of God's presence. Like running being great time with God. Or living thankfully and generously. Living a life where people matter, where relationships are key, and where you are real. Reality in shortcomings and in joys. And perhaps the key is presence, being in the here and now wherever that happens to be. That would be the best way to see God there too. If you are not there (your thoughts are thinking about what you are doing later, or on your ten year plan, or daydreaming, or thinking about everything that happened yesterday), how can you expect to see him there? Living in the moment, all the moments, the big ones and the little ones too.