Monday, 26 November 2012

Cookies and Little City Life

I went to Trader Joe's last week. As I was standing at the register, I noticed that they have mini gingerbread men! Welcome to the holidays!

I got excited to see these little guys and exclaimed as such, "You have the gingerbread men! Wow!"

The lady at the register said yes. Then I went on to explain to the people in line behind me how great they are. Small enough to not be overwhelming. They have a great gingery flavor and frosting on the back but are not too sweet. I was very enthusiastic about it. They told me that I must or should work in sales or marketing because I made the cookies sound so fabulous.

Today I went to the pharmacy that I love down the street from my house. The lady in the pharmacy spent a long time with the older lady in front of me picking up scripts. She took time to go through each prescription and talk about how long until the refill. They also talked about an upcoming trip for the older lady. The pharmacist even got smaller bottles and put labels on them so that they woman would not have to travel with all of her pills. I am impressed with the time and care that the women had. How thoughtful. It made me thankful for this little pharmacy and for this little city. How many places can you go to where there is that much care and time spent? It is good to remember to slow down and care.