Thursday, 31 July 2008

Rain in Georgia

Today is a rainy day, which means a day that me and my little sis went to the movies and saw Wall-e. It is great to get to spend time with family.

Also lately I have been thinking again about the idea of sabbath and resting. I am not a person who is always that good and simply being present. Usually there are things in my head that I am scheming or sorting or things that I should do. But what a joy and help to just stop. I am all about enjoying coffees and meals and chats. What does stopping look like for you? How do you let go of the responsibility of everyday?

Monday, 28 July 2008

Prayer week

We had a week of prayer last week. It took place in a coffee shop and was open 24-7. Exciting stuff for sure. Think about many people over the course of the week going to the same space to pray and chill and be with God. My favorite piece of a prayer room is that is it such a corporate exercise, even if you spend your time there alone. The fact that each person is coming to the same space changes the dynamic of the space. Plus there are usually walls for writing and drawing on and the room grows over the week. Ideally the prayer is continuous, where you go for your time and then prayer for the next person as you leave. What a great thing, like each hour just adds to the one before it. Very sweet.

I really don't know how full the prayer week was or if it was impactful and this info may never really be known. I suppose it is just a trust thing, having the faith that people interacted and experienced God. And hopefully I'll hear some of the stories. Either way it is good to get people together to pray. My hope is that people know more and more the peace and love of God and are able to pray in a new way too. Maybe your time in the prayer room is talking to God, maybe it is painting, maybe reading something, maybe sitting and listening or playing music, maybe writing or drawing, maybe scheming some amazing dream. May it be sweet and sacred time.

oh yes

So life is a strange one in that you have soooo many decisions to make. Why? Ha. In reality it is a good thing that we have choices in life. That things happen to present opportunities and changes, options if you will. But then on the flip side, because there are options, there are choices to make. And the sad part about that is that you get to do one thing at a time and so saying yes to one thing says no to something else. In essence this is a good thing because it lets you commit to something and enjoy and interact with it and with the people involved. But there are always things that you don't get to do. But by committing to something, you really get to engage and experience it, frustrations, excitements and all.

I am not used to being in the same spot for more than 9 or ten months, so around the sixth month mark means that I am looking for the next place to go. So guess how long I've been in Madison now, and how strange the idea is that I don't have plans to leave. That instead there is a group of people that I have committed to for two years. What would happen if I left now and what would be the point?

Most exciting news, I get to go and see Dad, Diane, and Alissa! How sweet is to to get to see family. So exciting! I have a wonderful family and love them dearly.