Sunday, 11 December 2011


Today's sermon was about hope. I liked it a lot. He talked about the difference between hope and optimism. Optimism is seeing the good side of things and seeing that things will get better. Hope seeing the goodness of the future even if there is nothing in the present that points towards it. Like in Isaiah 9:1-7. They still had to wait and could not see the good coming, but they could hope that it was coming. I am an optimistic person always but have never thought of hope in comparison.

Also, another neat quote about when when things are not going our way, "it doesn't mean that God is not faithful, it means that he is not predictable." He often doesn't do things in the way that we think he would or in the timing that we would like.

I know that I can be impatient and want to figure things in life out. Often, I do not get this luxury. In retrospect, I can see reasons for why things happened in the way that they did, or why an opportunity didn't work out, I can see what I learned through the experiences. However, you don't always get to see the why or when in the moment. That can be hard and that is why we need hope.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Being Festive

Now is the time of festivities. I even listened to Christmas music the other day while making ornaments out of cinnamon. They worked pretty well. A fun and easy project that my friend's 2 year old helped out with. (we made them in star shapes) And my house has 2 Christmas trees this year. My ceramic little one that my grandma gave me. It is awesome! And a large fake tree complete with lights and tinsel. I have already watched The Holiday and Love Actually. I have drank mulled wine. I have baked Gingersnaps and Christmas wreaths. Plus we are having a Christmas cookie party this weekend too. Tis the season.

Also, tis the season for Advent. 24-7 did great podcasts, one a day (minus Sundays) for Advent. It is great having a reminder each day, a verse to think about and a prayer focus.

Another Christmas tradition that I have fallen into in Madison is making a Christmas brunch. I enjoy this a lot, getting up in the morning and making food for people to come, eat and relax with. Plus it gives people who don't have family here (like me) a place to go in the morning. A lovely and relaxing tradition for me. (sad to miss out on time with my family though)

And it's about time to think of new year's resolutions. I wonder the percentage of people who make resolutions, how many of those take steps towards fulfilling them, and how many of those are successful in their aspirations. Last year, I resolved to drink less caffeine. I did it but should set about to drink less than the caffeine the I now consume. That was probably the first resolution that I have ever made, and I took steps towards meeting it, and did it. Success!