Monday, 6 July 2009

Different languages

Isn't it interesting that there can be people sparking the same language and yet communication is a process. The other day we were in a car waiting in a line of traffic after fireworks. Someone in a car further back in the line thought it was a good idea or funny to honk. Why, I do not know. And Becca said she would yell out the window that Jesus loved them. Absolutely true and something that everyone should know and experience, but probably not the best time to share such a message, yelling it out the car window in answer to the honking.

How often do we change what we are saying, more specifically how we are saying it based on who we are talking to. Like at work, I am not going to explain everything to a person who is super tech savy and I am not going to use a lot of techy lingo to someone who is not. But do you ever find yourself forgetting the context? Getting used to what you know or how you are used to speaking and forgetting to actually communicate what you are saying in a way that will be understood. Because communication doesn't count if you are the one still at the end of the conversation who knows what you were trying to say. Really you just wasted time, breathe and energy. Yet it's an effort and it takes energy, it takes caring about the other person or the message enough to change your norms and put things in another way.

Communication so important and so much to learn.

Thursday, 2 July 2009


My peppermint tea quote, "Inspiring others toward happiness brings you happiness."

Yep. Can we say joy instead of happiness though, cause joy would be more long lasting and less based on circumstances.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


I went strawberry picking today. Yeah. There is something so good and right and nice about getting to pick your own food. Really nice that you don't have to take all of the time and effort to grow it and yet still get the thrill of getting to be the one to pull it from it's source. Strawberries are something that takes a bit of patience. It is hard to fill a box that is big, with berries that are not so big. It makes you somehow feel more connected to nature or something, plus it tastes amazing to get things fresh from the farm. And I like the work that goes in to it, like going and buying some already picked takes a bit of the fun out of it and would feel like cheating.

I had a nice time getting the strawberries. Also, I was assisted by the woman and man who were telling us which rows to pick from. The lady even took me to try three different kinds of berries. (I never thought of there being more than one kind.) Also, the two of them picked some of the berries that ended up going home with me. How nice and helpful of them. This one kind that I got, has white spots, on purpose. It is some sort of marbled strawberry. Yum. Now I have to figure out all what to do with 11 pounds of strawberries.

This evening was a really nice evening with housemates. There was an impromptu house dinner, with 7 people in attendance. We sat, we ate, we laughed, there was music, there was good food, and there was dinner without a rush or time limit. How nice. I will miss these parts of living with people.

Why is it that towards the end of something, you get nostalgic about it?