Wednesday, 23 April 2008

the beautiful sun

So it really is hard to get anything productive done when it is so nice outside. Like today I went for a run and then was needing to get some work done, so clearly the thing to do was to go to the park and fall asleep in the sunshine. Good for the soul for sure, not so good for productivity, but I didn't sleep that long and perhaps my brain was coming up with some amazing ideas for the projects that I am supposed to be working on.

Once the sun came out, the bikers did too. There are so many bike paths around here and it is great! Anywhere you go, you are very close to a bike path which makes a great place to go for a walk or run. Fantastic.

Monday, 7 April 2008


So I am supposed to be sitting down and making a draft of this community house vision and what that means and looks like and what it would mean for people to move in, what are they committing to? And so I got up this morning with the goal of getting it done today. And now it's 7:00 pm. Why is it hard to focus and why do I find all these other things to do? Things that needed to get done by the way. It is exciting to think about what a community house could look like, just a chilled out place where people live and can have fun and rest well, a place to get to know people. I don't wanna be too specific cause I don't even know who will move in and surely it has to fit the people who are there. Also I don't want to make up rules for the sake of it or make it a burden or heavy thing to live there. And yet there needs to be some intention to it, some commitment to each other and some practical things, like cleaning. So therein lies the balance. So yep, that will get done tonight.......

So this is what I forgot to say for my grandma's funeral. She bought me a computer, a really nice one that I love. I thought that it didn't need to be included in how she affected me, yet it does. I got a nice computer when before I didn't wanna be "too flash." It's like she believed in me and my graphic design abilities more than I did. I about cried when I found out that she was going to buy me a computer, I couldn't talk. I was in an office with some others who were wondering why I was squeaking and flapping my arms. And I couldn't tell them. I remember that she told me that she wanted to be able to give it to me then cause it would mean more to me when I couldn't afford it myself and when she would get to see me enjoy it. Thanks Gram. It is strange to think that an object, a machine can impact your life, and it is almost a little scary, yet that's the way that it is. This computer helps me in so many ways and now serves as a reminder to me about the generosity of my grandma and of how I would like to be. I can't even tell you how many people asked if my grandma wanted any more grandkids to buy computers for. Sorry, she was mine.