Monday, 3 December 2012

A Winter? Run

I did not take this picture today, but is was wet out today and it is in Madison and so I am, so it works. 

I went for a long run today. It is 60 degrees in December, crazy. Running in December in shorts and a t-shirt. Excellent!

Runs are always great for praying, for thinking and for clearing my head. It is a good time to put things into perspective or plan something. About 20 minutes into the run today...... I had figured out all of the things that I wanted to.  What was I to think about for the next hour or so?

It turned out to be a great run. I saw various people on my way. (not people that I knew) The first set of people said hello. I said "best December ever!" and they laughed and agreed.

Then I passed two men in matching race shirts. We said hello and they wished me a "Happy December!"

As I ran over a bridge, I said hello to the man that was fishing under the bridge and told him good luck. He said thanks and some more things that I didn't hear all of. It is funny having a conversation as you are passing someone, there is a limited window of time for chatting.

A little further on, there was a man carrying a bag of stuff and walking next to the lake. We said hello. And then he asked, "you're going up that hill?" "Yep." He told me to enjoy the run. (the hill is quite steep.)

There is a crossing guard on Monroe Street. (I love crossing guards, just think that they are so neat, don't really know why.) As I was running towards him, he pointed straight ahead of me to ask which was I was going to need to cross the street at his corner. I pointed straight too. He stopped the cars and I ran right across. The timing was perfect and I thanked him. This specific crossing guard is really passionate about it, it is so great!

I ran amongst students on the bike path. Then saw a guy that I work with bike by. I said hello but it may have been too late for him to have noticed me.

Up another hill and around a curve, there was a service guy oiling a door lock. I told him not to get cold. He chuckled a great santa like jolly laugh. How fun!

People are so neat. What great little moments of interaction.