Saturday, 13 March 2010

I forgot

The past week or so, the snow has been melting. The snowman that used to be huge in my front yard looked rather sad, as all that was left was coal, a tie, a small pile of snow, and a wrinkly carrot. It is really nice that the season is changing. As I see the soggy ground, I think that I got so used to seeing the mounds of snow, I forgot this part. This is the season of warmer weather, of rain, of people being outside a lot more. And in Wisconsin, if it goes over 40, you see shorts and flip flops.

I enjoy seasons. I like the change and variety, the excitement for what is happening and what is coming, a reset, a refresh. So tentatively (as it could probably snow again next week) I say welcome to spring. Here comes the hope, the sun, and more people out and about the city and the bike paths.