Sunday, 1 July 2012


There is not enough dancing in real life. Yesterday I went to a wedding and had a grand time being silly and dancing. So fun! And so freeing. Nobody has to be good at it, just do it. It seems to be that with dancing, I you are confident enough then you are good enough at it.

I always kind of wanted to be in one of the old musicals, singing in the rain or something similar. Twirly skirts and dancing around, count me in! Trouble with that idea is that I am not graceful. I dance for fun, not skill and grace, pity.

On the way to the wedding, my phone died. Whoa! We had one more turn on the directions.... It should have been easy. However, without the helpful blue dot guiding the way, we got a little list. First we thought we drove too far and missed the turn. So we stopped at a gas station but it was closed. We drove some more and stopped at another station. We were not far enough. So we drove on. And on. And some more. Then stopped a third gas station. The guy working looked the place up in the phone book. (a local paper phone book, super handy) i knew the address number and street name. (but was it Sudbury road or Old Sudbury road, not something i remembered) We had now missed the turn. Finally, we made it to the wedding. On time enough to do our proper usher duties!