Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Cold

A few days ago, I was walking outside on my way to work and it was cold. I was thinking about how I should probably get out my really warm hats, and gloves. It is December after all. And it has been chilly. I think I have it in my head though, that the longer I wait until being fully winter decked out, the better chance I have of making it through without freezing, as if the winter continues to get colder. It is interesting, but not true logic.

So the same day that I was thinking I should have my warmer things out, I went straight from work to bell ringing, standing outside with the Salvation Army bucket shaking the bells. I was not prepared for the cold. I didn't think far enough ahead that day, and hadn't read the part of the email that said that we were for sure outside. Brrrr..... There were a few times that I left my bell ringing buddy and walked inside to thaw for a few minutes. We took turns every so often popping inside for a few moments to make our toes less painful.

It was a good experience though. I learned to be better prepared when standing outside. Also, when people see the bucket and the bells, they are generous. It was neat to get to see.

While we were standing there, thinking about going home and making a warm cup of tea and getting warm, it made me think of people who don't have that luxury. I was outside for about 2 hours. What about those people that are outside for the whole night?