Sunday, 24 April 2011


I got to go away to Albuquerque and see family. And I got to see sunshine! This winter was too long and cold. So getting away was great. And seeing family does not happen enough, so is always a joy.

We hiked up a mountain to go into the hot springs. Funny that you walk through the woods for a while and then have a soak in the hot springs. Right in the middle of the woods!

Now I'm back in Madison and it's Easter. The day Jesus defeated death and brought hope once and for all. Oh happy day! Even better than the winter being over and the sun shining.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Grown Up Choices

There are times when I wish there was a magic decision maker. Something or someone that you would just hand your life and decisions to, and they would sort it out and hand it back and everything would always turn out, and all annoying details would be sorted out. Also, the magic would make it so that if you were buying something, instantly you understood the pros and cons, you got the best price, and whatever you bought never broke. Would be nice.

Sometimes, I think like there is a cosmic right answer when really there is not. Other times, there are details to deal with in making a decision that I would rather not have to contend with.

The joys of being a grown up. Groan.

There is praying about decisions and praying about life and that helps and is important, but part of what is good for us is probably learning to sort all of the dumb details, paying attention, and researching. And there are times in life, lots of them when there is not a right or wrong answer, some better than others, some clearly wrong, and most somewhere in the middle. So you pray, you listen, you talk to other people, and think. And then let go and hope for the best. This is an important step. Dwelling on a past decision does no good. It is not helpful. Reflect and move on. Live in the now. And there will be a new decision coming your way anyways.