Thursday, 21 October 2010

Running into People

I love living in a city that you can walk around and run in to people that you know. Last night, while walking to dinner and back, I saw a few people that I knew. Then today, at the end of my run, I saw someone else. What a great surprise it is! And how it makes the city feel more homey and welcoming. It also makes it feel like I have been here a while. If I can wander around and run into people that I know, then that means that I know people. Duh, but still. I have been here nearly three years though, which in my world is pretty much forever.

Variety and Thankfulness

I like the variety that life has to offer. Last week, I went to Chicago for a day, spent time with great people, wandered around the city and went to a concert. Then the next day, I went for breakfast at my favorite coffee shop, then went camping, came back the next day and went to work. I like that there are always new experiences and new people. Or old people to get to know in a new way. There are new seasons in life as well as in weather. (winter, you can wait as long as you want to come)

And there is always a great sense of unknown that balances with the familiarity of the everyday.

I live a blessed life for sure and I am very thankful of it. I have great family, friends, apartment, car, enough money, joy in small things, a nice city to live in, a fun and challenging job, good life experiences, and thousands of things that I have not mentioned. Thank you God.

Life is a mixture of being present in the moment, being thankful and learning from the past, and keeping your eyes open for the future. A grand adventure!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Doing things you're not good at

It is difficult to do things that one is not good at. But it is thrilling at the same time, trying new things. Nowadays, I have joined an ultimate frisbee team. I had no idea how official the whole thing would be. Or all of the terms and strategies that I would need to know. My team is very gracious with me, taking the time to teach me, and not looking at me like I am dumb when I ask the most basic of questions. So that is nice.

It is frustrating though, to not really know what you are doing, to run around, not doing much that is super helpful. (but having good effort in in none the less) I feel like if I understood more what was going on and what my contribution should be, then I would be better. And I'll get there I think. After all, I have been playing for just a few weeks. But you how you just wish that you could be good at everything right away? And who knows if I will ever be good at frisbee anyways.

The important part really is the stepping out, the trying something new. The being willing to do poorly in order to learn and grow. The challenge of trying something new in order to learn a new skill, or outlook, to get a new experience.

In order to try something, you need to chance failure. And perhaps things will not go poorly, but just amazingly. Even better! But to know if you are any good at something, or in order to try something new, you take a chance and a risk. And it is so worth it!