Monday, 9 February 2009

My lovely car and the man that didn't stop at the right time

This morning there was a stop sign with a line of cars in front of it. There was a car in front of me that stopped and so I stopped and the man behind me didn't. So now there are marks from the screws on his front license plate on my back bumper which is really sad. Compared to world hunger, not sad but in a I really love my car and it wasn't my fault so what a bother to get it taken care of way.

It's times like these that I don't want to play being an adult. I'd rather go back to the days when Dad would take care of stuff like this. I called him today anyways to make sure I was doing the right things. Times in life when responsibility is just not that great. And then it gets confusing too with insurance and estimates and the fact that I am going out of town at the end of the week anyway, so this is not really great timing to do everything when all I want to do is go to sleep for a really long time.

And why are there those days when one thing after another seems to happen. Like getting hit, which spilled coffee, getting to work and almost being late, being overwhelmed with the process of getting my car fixed, wondering if it is all going to go horribly wrong and leave me paying a lot of money for no reason, and the my phone died while on it to the insurance. I gave them all the info that I had, had to go outside to get my license plate number, then later in the day found out that I had lost the paper that had all of the important info on it. Great. Then I got home and broke the mug that was holding the coffee from this morning that had spilled. It fell out of my bag on the way out of my car once I was home. All of this happening while I have a headache caused by the bumper hitting or the stress afterwards. I just need to crawl in bed.