Friday, 1 May 2015

Running in the Wind

The wind started to pick up as I started my run yesterday. The trees swayed in the gusts. The leaves rustled. As I ran, the wind got stronger, the gusts were harder to run through. It started to sprinkle. After about half a mile, it started pouring. It was raining so hard that I had to wipe the drops from my eyes to see. The rain drops hurt a bit, maybe because of the wind blowing them at me. I was running into the wind. As I came to a bridge, there was another runner coming towards me. I would have made a joke about how he was running the right way because he was running with the wind. However, the wind was so loud that I don't think he would have heard me. I ran over the bridge and the wind swirled around me. It was amazing! What an experience to be in the middle of the wind and rain, running against but somehow a part of it! Our world is truly magical. Moments like that remind me of how big God is and how we get to be a part of his creation, of the power and wonder that it is. Awesome!