Monday, 5 December 2016

Making Nothing

Sometimes the process of making is the important part, the actual making is the after thought, the possible outcome. This week, I got all of the tools ready. I wedged the clay and stuck in on the wheel. I relaxed into the chair and turned the wheel on. The slippery gooey clay formed in between my fingers, the noise of the motor whirred as the wheel turned, the forms mesmerized me as the clay turned. Pure bliss. The clay rose and fell as I squished it. My fingers were covered and slop stuck to my hands and arms. Amazing. When the clay was ready, I put a hole in the middle and started to form it. I was just in the moment. I didn't have pressure to make anything, just to play. As I was nearing the end of forming it, it flopped. This round was for the experience, not the product. Sometimes, that is way better than making something. There is no worry about what it will be, how to finish it, or fear that it won't turn out, cause sometimes it is just about the making of nothing.

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